January 2016 Edition

Note from Jack Grave:

Hey there.

For 2016 we’re trying something new in the membership I think you’re going to love…

Instead of getting the usual newsletter we’re going to release a new strategy guide each month focussing on a different subject to help you design the ultimate sex life – a sex life that most men would KILL for and that’ll make you irreplaceable to any woman you sleep with.

To the general public the strategy guides you’re going to get will sell individually for $47, but you’ll get it included each month as part of your membership – along with access to all the other great bonuses in the membership area.

To kick off January 2016 you’re going to get access to Words That Trigger Lust – 7 Phrases To Say To Your Wife Or Girlfriend That Trigger Uncontrollable PRIMAL Sexual Desire… Even If She’s Very Conservative And Hasn’t Been Interested In Sex For YEARS.

To access your copy of please go to the eBooks, Programs & Bonus Trainings section.


Talk soon.


PS – If you have any questions just drop us a message at [email protected]