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Samples Of What Other Men Have Said About My Trainings

“I have used jack’s system for just 1 week… I started to practise with masturbation and found I could go for 1hr then had to make the choice to orgasm as was getting bored lol, this weekend I got my first chance to use for real and instead of my normal 6 min performance was able to go for more than 20mins and again like masturbation excersise, I got to choose when to orgasm instead of trying to stop stop stop like before, thanks jack, can’t wait to get more formal practise now. ”


“I have dated the same girl for close to two years now… I have always ejaculated pretty quickly.  The only times this does not happen is when I go before we have sex or if we do it again after wards.   She says it is okay and that it doesn’t matter, but I always see the disappointment on her face after were done… Thankfully, I realized it wasn’t just me with this problem and the only reason I was ejaculation quickly was from a lack of knowledge… I have tried one technique and of course worked on [Technique Taught On Day 3].  This has already helped my stamina in bed drastically and I love to be able to satisfy my girlfriend and she of course loves it as well. ”


“I started seeing a girl about a month ago, and could not last more than 10 seconds the first couple times we tried having sex, and sometimes could barely last a minute even during a handjob haha… I have really focused on [Techniques taught on Day 2, Day 3, Day 7].  I have already seen a big improvement of several minutes and its only been a few days… Knowing that I control my ejaculation really goes a long way. Thanks jack. ”


“…Learning your techniques for controlling my pleasure levels and the [Technique taught on Day 2] have made me a very loved and adored person in the bedroom. I’m 55 years young and I wish I had known of these simple tricks 30 years ago, thanks Jack. ”


Discover How To End Premature Ejaculation, Gain Full Orgasm Control And Last 30 Minutes Or Longer Before Orgasming… In Only 10 Days
…With The Help Of The World’s Most Advanced Video Training On Male Sexual Stamina

Take a second to think about what it would be like to have sex and last for 30 minutes or longer until you feel the need to orgasm…

Imagine all the sex positions you could try…

Imagine all the different techniques you could test out…

Imagine never having to worry or feel nervous about whether you’ll “screw up” the next time you have sex…

Imagine how confident you’d feel knowing you could rock your lover’s world in bed…

Imagine just how much sexual pleasure you’d give your lover every time you had sex


Imagine what it would be like to have your lover begging for sex every night, because she can’t get enough of how you make her feel

All this is possible.

And I want to show you how to do this.

It doesn’t matter how short you last right now, whether you experience regular premature ejaculation… and it doesn’t require you to take special pills, use weird gadgets or try and copy porn stars.

The secret to lasting long in bed lies in the sex techniques you use during sex

And I’ve created a video training program that walks through all of these techniques step-by-step over a 10 period

Where the goal is after 10 days for you to have complete orgasm control.

The name of this program is Advanced Stamina Training

And not only is this the most advanced training I’ve ever developed on male sexual stamina, it’s my honest belief that this is the most advanced training program made by anyone in the world ever for helping teach men how to last as long as they want in bed.

Over the 10 days of video training you’ll receive I act as a personal coach in guiding you through the process of taking you from however long you last right now, to be able to last 30 minutes or longer in bed.

Every day you’ll learn new techniques, strategies and approaches (including some that are 100% unique to this program) to help you last long in bed… and if you take the time to watch the videos and allow up to 15 minutes per day to apply what I teach inside, then by the end of the 10 days the aim is for you to have complete orgasm control.

One thing I will say though, is that…

This program is NOT for everyone

It is only for those who are seriously committed to making this change and you absolutely must commit to take the time to watch the videos and DO the daily exercises before considering investing in this program…

Now, having said that, if you are prepared to do what it takes, then get ready to finally transform your sexual stamina and dramatically ramp up your ability to give your lover breath-taking pleasure… in just 10 days.

Here’s Exactly What The Advanced Stamina Training Involves…

Day 1 – Shifting To The Sex God Mindset

Here’s where we build the foundations so that being able to last long in bed and being an unforgettable lover becomes a natural part of who you are.

On this day I’ll show you a specific strategy for how to quickly and easily shift your old thinking habits to what I call the “sex god mindset” where lasting long is effortless.

And once you adopt this mindset (that all unforgettable lovers have, by the way)…

You’ll also find that any fears, worry, nervousness and anxiety that you used to experience will vanish… And you’ll notice your lover enjoying sex with you much, much more.

Day 2 – Emotional And Physical Control

On this day you’ll learn how the state that your mind and body are in when you have sex are intimately linked with how long you last…

And how to use that to your advantage to last much longer.

This includes 2 very powerful methods for shifting the state of your body so you can rapidly extend your overall stamina and feel a new sense of confidence and calm.

Oh, and one of these two methods also doubles as an “emergency stamina recovery” technique, which you can use in those “emergency” situations when you suddenly notice you’re closer to orgasm than you’d like to be, to help quickly prevent that early orgasm and buy yourself more time.

Day 3 – Ejaculation Mastery (The Porn Star’s Secret)

From this day onwards we shift to focus on the more physical techniques for long lasting sex.

Here you’ll learn what many porn stars use as their secret weapon for long lasting sex, including what they do off-camera to increase how long they last.

The effectiveness of what you’ll learn on this day for increasing your overall stamina will blow your mind and in itself has the power to give you complete ejaculation control.

Plus, what i teach here can also enable you to start experiencing multiple male orgasms!

Day 4 – The Pyramid Insertion Position

Using this sex position in the way I describe can dramatically increase how long you last.

Personally I use it virtually every time I have sex, because it always helps me last longer and women love it too.

There are so many reasons why I recommend every man use this position, and here are some of them…

1) It gives you complete control over how much stimulation you experience and therefore more choice over how long you last

2) The unique way it positions your body practically forces your stamina to be increased… The reasoning behind this is complex and I explain it in full on the day.

3) It’s perceived as a relatively “conservative” position. Meaning if your lover is the type to reject certain sex positions, because of how she feels about them. She won’t reject this one. So if at the moment you’re very conservative sexually, you can still use it. Plus, it also works great if you’re sleeping with a woman for the first time.

4) You can easily use this at the start of sex, unlike some positions where it’s more practical to transition to it after some time

5) Most women love this position and I’ve had people e-mail me to thank me specifically just for teaching them this position.

Day 5 – Beating The “Ejaculatory Response”

This is all based on the fact that the biggest influence on how long you last during sex comes down to how you approach the first 1-3 minutes of sex.

During this time it is essential you lay proper foundations for the rest of sex.

Most men instinctively do the exact opposite of what they should to help them last long and on this day I’ll show you how to beat what i call the “ejaculatory response”…

Which, in short, is when men orgasm much earlier than they’d like, because they unintentionally trigger it through making several key mistakes in the first 1-3 minutes of sex.

On this day I’ll explain exactly what these key mistakes are and how to avoid them so you can easily beat the “ejaculatory response” and last much longer.

Day 6 – Super Stamina Thrusting Technique

This is a unique thrusting technique that can be used at any time during sex and has the power to…

1) Measurably increase your overall stamina

2) Quickly correct the emergency situation a lot of guys experience when the desire to ejaculate seems to come out of nowhere.

And this thrusting technique happens to be very pleasurable for her.
My bet is that after learning this technique you’ll be using it for the rest of your life.

Day 7 – Stealth Body Manoeuvres

Here I’ll show you the two very powerful (yet completely subtle) ways you can use several muscles in your body to avoid premature ejaculation.

You won’t believe how effective this can be

Plus, like with everything else I teach this doesn’t take away from the pleasure of sex…

And your lover will never notice you’re doing it to help you last longer.

Day 8 – Advanced Sex Positions

On this day I walk through 6 unique sex positions (some of which are very advanced and I’ve never shared before) that can seriously increase your overall stamina.

I include images for each of these sex positions (nothing explicit)…

And what’s more, is that I’ll show you how to use what I teach to so you’ll then have the ability to pick and create many more of your own sex positions to help you last longer in bed too.

Day 9 – Shortening Her Orgasm Time

This is an interesting “hack” for achieving a level of stamina your woman will really love.

On this day I’ll show you how to make her orgasm more quickly and with greater intensity during sex than she probably ever has before.

This will help you in the following 2 ways…

Firstly, by getting her to orgasm earlier it reduces the overall time you need to last to give her her first orgasm and also therefore her second, third, multiple orgasms, etc.

Secondly, by getting her to orgasm this quickly you’ll take a ton of pressure and anxiety off yourself to “perform”.
And if you know you’ve already satisfied her sexually, you’ll be able to continue with a new wave of calm that will significantly boost your overall confidence and stamina.

Day 10 – The 30 Minute Blueprint

Finally, on this day I cover 2 very important things…

1. Another highly effective tactic for helping you last longer

2. How to tie everything you’ve learned together into what I call the “30 minute blueprint”

Firstly, the tactic I share is a simple tweak to the standard approach to sex that virtually no man uses, but when you apply it, you’ll last so much longer that you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

And I’ll explain this in full on the day.

Secondly, in the “30 minute blueprint” part of this day’s training I walk through step-by-step how you can take every single technique, strategy and approach that we’ll have covered in the entire program and combine them all together into one sex session to give yourself complete stamina control and be able to last over 30 minutes.

This is the where you’ll find everything falls into place and you can walk away from this training with the power to have full choice over when you orgasm

Which, by the way, is a power that will stay with you for your life-time.

And When You Add This To Your Order Today… I’ll Also Include The Following 3 Bonus Training Videos For FREE…

Bonus #1: “10 Quick Fix Stamina Tricks”

In this video I outline 10 small and easy changes you can make to instantly help you last longer in bed.

What you’ll learn here is great for if you need a desperate boost in how long you last the very next time you have sex.

These don’t require any special training or advanced knowledge, they’re as simple as doing them and when used altogether can make a measurable difference in how long you last.

I’ve lost count the number of times these quick fix tricks have saved me from pending disaster in the bedroom, and I know they can help save you too.

Bonus #2: “7 Ways To Last Long During Foreplay”

Before I learned how to last long in bed and during foreplay I remember I used to fear foreplay, because I knew that if I was going to be receiving pleasure during foreplay, it could mean me orgasming early and never even getting the chance to have sex.

So what did I do?…

When possible I tried to avoid it.

And I hated the fact that I had to avoid it, because I always knew it was something that I wanted to enjoy.

So I got determined to solve this problem…

And eventually I figured out that there were 7 things I could do so that I was able to last as long as I wanted during foreplay

And as a result allow me the chance to enjoy it, last long enough until sex and also give my lover the chance to feel good about herself because she could see me enjoying what she was doing.

And in this bonus training I’ll carefully break down what these 7 things are so that you can make that shift yourself too.

Bonus #3: “G-Spot Orgasm Secrets”

The G-Spot is an area of sensitive tissue found inside of woman’s vagina and is a fantastic way of giving women pleasure.

Most women love having their G-Spot stimulated and it can lead to some very intense orgasms…

But the stimulation has to be done correctly.

And unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there… And if you’ve ever tried applying most of the information out there you’ll probably have noticed that it didn’t work very well.

So in this bonus training I cut through all the B.S. and give you some very effective approaches for stimulating the G-Spot that work.

To be specific, inside you’ll learn… 1) What the G-Spot is, 2) How to find it (with visual aids), 3) How to stimulate it with your fingers, 4) How to stimulate it during sex (including 3 sex positions that automatically cause the G-Spot to be stimulated while thrusting)

Your Investment


I’m going to be straight with you…

This program is not for everyone.

This is the most advanced stamina training program in existence and it goes deeper than any other training on learning to last long in bed.

Inside you’ll learn techniques most $1,000 / hour sex therapists will never teach you.

And to be frank… Considering the depth and level of this training I could easily charge $1,000+ for it and many people would be happy to pay this amount (this isn’t just my opinion by the way, this is based on actual customer survey feedback)…

But since I want this program to be accessible to more people when I sell this program to the general public I charge only $297.

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Your Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

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